Date: 3/11/17 11:02 am
From: Frank Kolwicz <fhkolwicz1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Jay and Woodpecker behavior
I had a seed drop in 2015 near an Acorn Woodpecker colony. I was working
the spot for 7 or 8 months before I first saw an ACWO approach and all
the other birds that had been feeding on those seeds, including the
ScrubJays, gave them lots of room. The Woodpeckers let even the larger
Jays know who was boss by chasing them away aggressively, not tolerating
the Jays anywhere near the seeds. Once the Woodpeckers accepted my
presence in my car, they'd come to within 15' of me to carry off the oil
sunflower seeds and cache them in cracks in various oak limbs nearby.

I suppose it's possible that the intrusion of the Stellar's Jay
represented and newcomer who needed to be shown the dominance structure
of the feeding group.

in Monmouth

On 3/11/2017 10:37 AM, Matthew G Hunter wrote:
> My son Daniel put up a platform seed feeder at our place a few months
> ago. ACORN WOODPECKERS, with their main granary about 60 ft away, are
> regulars. CALIFORNIA SCRUB-JAYS were slow to use the feeder, but do so
> regularly now, both in and below the feeder. The JAYS are tolerated by
> the WOODPECKERS (king of the feeder), in fact this morning there was
> one ACORN WOODPECKER and one SCRUB-JAY feeding on the ground inches
> from each other. Until this morning, we had not had STELLER'S JAYS at
> the feeder.
> Glancing out the window this morning I saw a STELLER'S JAY approach
> and maybe land or almost land on the feeder. However, immediately, one
> of the ACORN WOODPECKERS went after the STELLER'S JAY and drove it to
> the ground as the JAY attempted to flee. Immediately the STELLER'S JAY
> took off from the ground upward into a nearby tree where we saw there
> was a second STELLER'S JAY. They both sat there for a few minutes
> before moving on and we haven't seen them in the hour since.
> Up to this point we had not seen the ACORN WOODPECKER aggressively go
> after any other birds. They typically just fly up to the feeder and
> the other birds get out of the way. Why go after the STELLER'S JAY so
> aggressively (vs getting along with CA SCRUB-JAYS)? Maybe because it
> is/was a "new" threat? Or are STELLER'S particularly a threat to ACORN
> WOODPECKERS in some way? Any ideas? Anyone with ACORN WOODPECKERS have
> a similar or different experience?
> Curious,
> Matt

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