Date: 3/10/17 8:53 pm
From: Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...>
Subject: [obol] Tillamook County update: Nehalem Sewage Ponds closed permanently - Kittiwake - Rufous mayhem
Hi all,

I stopped by the Nehalem Sewage Ponds and their "Welcome Birders" sign was
down and the gate was locked. The manager of the facility happened to
drive up and explained to me that while the construction is now finished,
they are to remain closed to birders. This is because of the recent
lawsuit that allows a person to file suit for damages to a public employee
per the Oregon State Supreme Court. This Oregonian article references this
new development. The manager is very sad about this - he enjoyed having
birders come inside as well as children in school buses but until the law
is changed at the state level, the closure will remain. Signing a waiver
is not an option and he encourages us to try to change the law. He did
give us permission to stand in the driveway and scope - just be courteous
of employees going in and out.

Also there was a Black-legged Kittiwake preening at the Nehalem State Park
boat launch around 11:30 am. He left after about 10 minutes and flew

Here's a short amateur video:

Plus some still pics of the Kittiwake:

11 Rufous Hummers have essentially taken over my four backyard feeders in
Manzanita. Today it was like Star Wars in the afternoon with the new
arrival of 4 female Rufous fighting for space along with at least 7 male
Rufous. I also have my usual resident 4 female Anna's and 3-4 male Anna's
that are struggling to get feeder time now.

Here's some Rufous pics:

Now time to go fill the feeders before I get head-bombed in the morning,

Good birding, Beverly

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