Date: 3/10/17 3:24 pm
From: Lona Pierce <lona.pierce...>
Subject: [obol] update on heron rookery
I stopped to look at the heron rookery on Scappoose Bay today and was surprised to see at least 25 herons circling close to the rookery oaks, then landing on the top of the trees. This is the rookery I reported as abandoned last week because not one heron was to be seen. A couple of eagles were in view but they weren't harassing the herons. I returned about 45 minutes later and around 6 nests out of approx. 80 (some are hard to see) had herons standing on them, but the rest of the herons were gone. I'm not sure what is going on at this rookery because the behavior isn't what I've observed in the past. If they actually settle down and nest I'll let you know. It appears that they want to still use this rookery, but are late in getting started. It's also close to a barn, but the landowners haven't done anything in the past to discourage the herons.

Lona Pierce
Columbia County
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