Date: 3/10/17 3:22 pm
From: <jacksonwrxt89...>
Subject: [NHBirds] PLEASE don't disturb the owl!!
First, I want to apologize for grossly over-posting today, but this is a matter I feel needs to be stressed. While I'm elated the GREAT GRAY OWL was relocated and lots of people got to see it, I'm extremely disappointed to hear about the behavior of a few people. I got THREE different reports of people not adhering to proper Owl (or any wildlife for that matter) viewing etiquette. One was a person that just approached way too close and another about two people who not only were getting WAY too close but continued to do so when the Owl moved around.
I know the vast majority of people visiting are behaving themselves, but come on folks! This is an amazing opportunity for everyone, it's a shame to hear a few people are blowing it.
Also, I saw someone out on the runway of the airport today, clearly well beyond an area obviously marked off by cones. While this obviously didn't bother the Owl, it could've caused problems with the people managing the airport. If the Owl decides to stay near the airport parking lot it would be nice to still be welcomed by the airport staff.
Myself and others have been happy to keep everyone updated on where the bird has been. DONT MAKE US REGRET IT!

That being said, to anyone making the trip this weekend, good luck and stay warm!

-Dylan Jackson

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