Date: 3/10/17 2:38 pm
From: Theresa Lawson <tmlawson1...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ Tufted Flycatcher Upper Ramsey March 10

They are back! One anyway.....

One Tufted Flycatcher was seen on the Hamburg Trail in Upper Ramsey Canyon today. The same general location as last year. It was first seen and heard almost 1/2 mile past the junction with the Brown Canyon Trail at 11:00 AM. I had heard the familiar jeet-jeet call and knew instantly what it was but did not see the bird. Sharyl Hultgren and her husband were a little further up the trail and had seen a bird a few minutes earlier which they could not ID. After they described it I was able to help them easily ID it as having been the Tufted Flycatcher. The bird continued to vocalize and I knew it was going downstream so we all followed it. Shortly after Sharyl and her husband went on down the trail but I was determined to actually see the bird! After 30 minutes I finally got a few brief looks and then eventually very good looks. It had gone at least .1 miles down the trial from the original location where we had found the bird. When Sharyl and her husband first saw the bird it was in the same tree as a Townsend's warbler. I probably watched the bird from 11:30 to noon and most of that time it was in the area of a mixed flock of Townsend's warblers, Ruby Crowned Kinglets and Red Breasted Nuthatch. Stellar's Jays were also making quite bit of noise in the area. So all told the Flycatcher was present from about 11:00 till noon. At no point did I have any sense that there might be more than one Tufted Flycatcher present.

Awesome day! The bird was a lifer for Sharyl and her non-birder husband.

Theresa Lawson
Hereford, AZ
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