Date: 3/10/17 1:46 pm
From: Daniel Estabrooks <000000078b08fc2d-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Palm Warbler Habitat Stuff - Summary
Hey all, I’ve gottena LOT of responses to my post about Palm Warblers, many of them off-list, withquite a few interesting questions/observations/suggestions. So I figured I’drespond to all of it at once. First off, I’vebeen seeing large numbers of Yellow Palms at various preserves throughout thewinter, so I don’t think it’s a migration thing. I haven’tnoticed a difference in habitat in terms of wet-vs.-dry or wooded-vs.-open, butI’d never really thought about it until several people brought it up. That’ssomething I’ll keep an eye out for in the future. (For what it’s worth, I saw aYellow Palm in scrub habitat a couple days ago at Lake Marion Creek WMA. Sothat would go along with the hypothesis that they like it drier… but that’sjust one observation.) I know I’ve neverseen a Yellow Palm in an urban area EVER. I literally can’t think of a singleone at any point in my life. What’s really struck me, as I mentioned in myoriginal post, is that proximity to an urban area seems to be a very reliablepredictor of which subspecies I’ll find… with Westerns being in or near urbanareas and Yellows being far from them. I no longerhave access to Web of Science because my current university is small and poor,but I’ve spent some time with Google Scholar and haven’t found much of anythingrelative to habitat preference in Palms or their taxonomy in general. It’s toolate now, since the spring migration has already started, but in the fall Iplan to keep careful track of the subspecies, exact location, habitat, andproximity to an urban area of each Palm Warbler that I see. All the informationwill go in my eBird reports, and who knows… maybe something will become clear. DanielEstabrooksWinterHaven, FL

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