Date: 3/10/17 1:10 pm
From: John and Sue Gregoire <khmo...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Fox Sparrow stopover
In 31 years here we have never had Fox Sparrows in numbers greater than one, rarely
two, stay more than a day or two spring and fall. As of today we have had three FOSP
now here for an extended stopover of two weeks!

As a side note, we ceased passerine banding operations here after Fall 2012
migration with some 125,000 birds banded since 1986. Amazingly, we are still seeing
a few banded birds as they return "home". Species include BC Chickadee, Tufted
Titmouse (the BCCH a migrant, the TUTI a local), Red-winged Blackbird, Common
Grackle, Song Sparrow (all migrant) and a local male Red-bellied Woodpecker. The
latter has to be at least 8 plus years of age while the former species all at least
in the 5 plus year area.

We are curious if others who reported FOSPs this year are also experiencing the
extended stay???

John and Sue Gregoire
Field Ornithologists
Kestrel Haven Avian Migration Observatory
5373 Fitzgerald Road
Burdett,NY 14818-9626
N 42 26.611' W 76 45.492'
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