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For the sake of the group, the tree I'm referring to is the euc at the end of the spring valley road and just near the start of the spring valley trail. It's a "magic tree" because it seems to attract a greater variety and number of hummingbirds than other eucs in the park (with similar size and flowering properties). I have staked out other eucs nearby, around this time of year, and have only come up with one Allens/Rufous on one occasion (though there are usually some Anna's), while the "magic tree" will usually be brimming with Anna's and Selasphorus hummers. I assume this tree is overflowing with nectar (so perhaps not so magical), but "magic tree" is much more fun to say than "tree overflowing with nectar".


Chris J.

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Where is “the magic tree”?


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Hi All,

This morning I visited the magic tree at Ed Levin and after 20 minutes was able to get on quite a few Selasphorus Hummers. One or two had all rufous backs with nice bright red gorgets (Rufous). Another was a female/immature type with an all green back and no gorget (probable Allens). And another had a green upper back and a rufous lower back/rump and tail (probable Allens). My sense is there were more than 4 in total, but unless birds have features that separate them from the others, it's pretty much impossible to avoid undercounting. As usual, morning is key for the hummers here since the wind tends to pick up most afternoons.

Two red-breasted sapsuckers, a juvenile Cooper's Hawk, and a very warm and active spring morning made for a nice visit.


Good Birding!

Chris Johnson

San Jose, CA

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