Date: 3/10/17 12:22 pm
From: Danny Bales <sueredfish...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Hal Scott Preserve - HENSLOW'S SPARROWS - 3/10/17
This morning while tracking RCW's for the St. Johns Water Management in Orange County at Hal Scott Preserve I had 2 Henslow's Sparrows. Ever since I went to St. Marks, and got the Henslow's on the 13th of January I have been comparing the habitat there with Hal Scott Preserve habitat. I saw a sparrow moving in front of me. Normally I would not even look at it, because I would think it was a Bachman's Sparrow. How wrong I was! Not only was it a Henslow's Sparrow, but there were 2 of them. I have been working out there for 10 years now, and these are the first I have seen there. I do not know if Hal Scott has ever recorded them in the past. There is considerable Henslow's Sparrow habitat at Hal Scott Preserve so I'm sure there are more out there. When I spotted the sparrow the sun was almost in my face. I did not move as not to scare them so my shots are not that good.

Danny Bales
Titusville, Fla.

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