Date: 3/10/17 10:18 am
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Subject: [SBB] All This Rain, Why are the Ponds Dry?
Hello SBB:

Here is a very informative article from the Santa Clara Valley Water News explaining what is going on with the percolation ponds. I walk these ponds regularly, particularly the Los Capitancillos ponds and the "Oka" ponds by the Los Gatos Creek park. I have seen others post these same questions, so figured some of you may find this interesting as well.

I have been an avid bird watcher for years. Although my schedule doesn't allow me to get out as often as I would like, I do manage to take regular walks and am always interested to see what birds are around. I follow this site obsessively and really appreciate all of the information and beautiful photos. Hopefully I will be able to do more active birding when my life opens up more.

Happy Birding!

Linda Solis

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