Date: 3/10/17 9:15 am
From: Calvin Wohler <cwohler...>
Subject: Milford Lake waterfowl survey
A waterfowl survey was taken on 3/09/17 around the lake. Species count was good but not a great count in numbers. All total I counted 55 species for the morning. A few not so common and FOS species are noted. Waterfowl counted were:

Snow Goose--1,200

Canada Goose--22

Trumpeter Swan--1 Haven't seen one in these counts before

Gadwall --18

American Wigeon--12


Blue Winged Teal--20 FOS

Northern Shoveler--50

Northern Pintail--4

Green-winged Teal--100



Common Goldeneye--19

Common Merganser--2

Ruddy Duck--12 FOS

Pied-billed Grebe--3 FOS

Horned Grebe--2 FOS

American Coot--200

13 of these species were in the lower Smith Bottoms wetlands.

Some of the other birds were:

Wild Turkey--35

Killdeer--250 Most on the mud flats in Steve Lloyd wetland area.

Franklin Gull--12 FOS

Ringed-billed Gull--280

American White Pelican--52

Great Blue Heron--9

Bald Eagle--1

Northern Harrier--3

Red-tailed Hawk--15

Great horned Owl--1 on nest

American Kestrel--8

Horned Lark--12

Northern Mockingbird--1

White-throated Sp.--1

Harris's Sp.--35

White-crowned Sp.--22

Dark-eyed Junco--15

Red-winged Blackbird--550

Common Grackle--6 FOS

Calvin Wohler

Clay Center KS

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