Date: 3/10/17 6:35 am
From: s byrd <mybyrdz5...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Patapsco State Park Ravens and Kinder less Kinder
Hi All, Late report of Raven at Patapsco State park Elkridge area at Washington blvd. tower . I have photos of what me and my friend Sykes swore was a Raven last year in this same area . Only about one tower away . It was a huge blackbird on top the tower near the entrance fee booth . We pulled onto shoulder and jumped out taking pics . It flew off and headed across the river .
Found another or the same Raven on the tower next to Washington blvd last Monday . I had just toured the park and found nothing at all of interest and when I was leaving had seen a large dark bird on the tower near Wash. Bld. from inside the park near the entrance fee gate so when I got outside the park I stopped near Washington bld to see what the bird was . Got my binoculars on it and saw it was all black . It came off the tower as I was looking at it and headed downward and then across Washington bld . As it landed in the crotch of a tree it was immediately surrounded by 5 other crows ALL of which were much smaller ! Yayyy ! Its the Raven ! Some squawking occurred and then the Raven with the crows in tow headed up Washington bld. Go Raven !
Kinder Park off Ritchie hwy near or in Severna Park is becoming in my opinion less Kinder everytime I go there . Its usually a battle to get in or out with all the sports events being held . Much of the habitat is getting taken away . Ive used this for my afterwork walks for many years . Its where I began my life as a birder . Don't think I can go here anymore . Will be finding a different place for afterwork .

Saundra Byrd

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