Date: 3/9/17 5:44 pm
From: Larry Spivak <larry8141...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] Sunnyvale WPCP and Lockheed Ponds
Hi All
9:30 to 12:30  March 9th, 2017. Took my class to the WPCP and walked down to the ponds north of the large hill. Saw a lot of "usual suspects" until we got to the first power tower next to the trail with tules all around the base. Heard the vocalizations of a MARSH WREN which I had the class listen to very closely until one said 'Is that it?' Which it was. He was very busy flying here and there in his territory and even landed several times on the lower braces of the tower. A real treat for me and the class.
Later we saw GADWALLS, BUFFLEHEADS and EARED GREBES. The wren was still busy when we returned.
Larry Spivak
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