Date: 3/9/17 4:13 pm
From: Christine Kline <birdsecretary...>
Subject: No Sighting: Wings Over Weston
Wings Over Weston has three needs this year so we're reaching out to our
birding friends to see if anyone has an interest in helping us out. Our
needs are:

1. We need a Peregrine Falcon on Saturday, May 13. Lakeside Nature
Center attends and brings a Peregrine Falcon, but they are extremely low on
staff and volunteers and don't have the resources this year. (We have
already contacted MU Raptor Rehab, World Bird Sanctuary, and Operation
Wildlife.) If there are any other places we're not aware of, we're hoping
someone can let us know who that is.

2. We need someone who is knowledgeable about Prairie Chickens to
volunteer for our Prairie Chicken booth on Saturday, May 13. Matt Hill with
MDC has offered some supplies and Wings Over Weston has a banner for this

3. We need two outgoing birders to teach 4th graders how to use
binoculars and to take them on a short 10-minute hike. Birding 101 is a
station we offer on Friday, May 12 when we host approximately 200 fourth
graders who are divided into eight groups and are rotated through eight
stations from 9AM to 2PM. This person needs to be outgoing and have an
"adventurous" voice to make this seem exciting to children.

If you're not familiar with Wings Over Weston, it began in 2010 as a
one-time festival that introduced the Iatan/Weston River Corridor Important
Bird Area to the public. Seven years later, it is the largest one-day
birding festival in the Midwest with a very unique niche - children. Wings
Over Weston introduces birds, their migration, and the importance of
conservation of habitat to children, the birders of tomorrow. If anyone has
a question, please don't hesitate to reach out to me off-list. Wings Over
Weston is Saturday, May 13 from 9AM to 4PM.

Christine Kline

Burroughs Audubon

Wings Over Weston Co-Chair

A Burroughs Audubon/Missouri State Parks Partnership

Home/Office: (816) 540-3515 Cell: (816) 824-1074

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