Date: 3/9/17 3:20 pm
From: Windstream Mail <randyc11...>
Subject: Middle Creek WMA
Today from about 2 pm to about 4:50 pm I was told at the center that the
Eurasian Teal has been out at Willow Point on the main lake a lot this week.
Today at the pond north of Sunnyside Road there were about 20 Green-winged
teal until 4 pm when 2 noisy trucks raced by, then about 70 Teal were out
feeding in the open water and on the right side was the nicely light was the
Eurasian Teal, no white up and down mark, thin white horizontal above wing,
the white lining on the face showed well today too. At about 4:45 with about
700 Snow Geese near Sunnyside Road too was a white Ross' Goose. The main
lake is Lancaster Co. and the teal and Ross' were in Lebanon County.
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