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Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Cayuga Bird Club meeting - Mon., March 13
The Cayuga Bird Club's March meeting is Monday, March 13.This month we have a "Double-Header"!
The Opening Reception of Free Spirits: an Exhibition of Bird Photographs by Marie Read will be taking place at 5:30 at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
At 7:30 the Club will begin its meeting, and our speaker, Jody Enck, PhD, Conservation Social Scientist and President, Cayuga Bird Club will be presenting: "Sister Bird Club Network: Linking Clubs in the US and Honduras through the Neotropical Migratory Birds We Share".Jody is a lifelong birder and current President of the Cayuga Bird Club. In October and November of 2016, he traveled around Honduras meeting with nearly all the bird clubs there to "test the waters" about the idea of establishing a sister bird club network. Clubs in Honduras enthusiastically jumped on-board with the idea. Jody will share pictures and stories about the birds and birders he met during almost 5 weeks in Honduras. In particular, he will share ideas from the clubs in Honduras about how a sister club network might play out. He will pass along some of the things he learned about how "our birds of summer" behave and use habitat so differently when they are on the wintering grounds. He also will share ideas the Honduran clubs have for hosting birders from our club in the near future.In leiu of a speaker dinner, Club members are encouraged to attend Marie's Opening Reception.
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