Date: 3/8/17 9:07 pm
From: Joshua Rose <opihi...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Great Gray Owls
Hi MassBirders,

After Bill and I posted our respective negatives about the two Great Gray Owls, I received an off-list reply from Susan Hall sharing that she actually *did* see the Newport, NH Great Gray on Wednesday 3-8. A quick look at the New Hampshire listserv, via the ABA’s Birding News website, confirms that the bird’s absence Monday was apparently only temporary:

While typing this, I see the question from Joe Paluzzi “So when did this Massachusetts GGO sighting become public?” Well, David Pritchard posted his photos to eBird on February 22, but they were posted as a Barred Owl, so nobody paid much attention at the time. It was on March 4 that Brian Rusnica looked at the photos and realized they were actually of a Great Gray, and at that time posted about it to Western Mass Birders on FaceBook. I relayed the news to MassBird later that evening. (I mistakenly said in my post that 3 days had passed between the photos being posted as a BAOW and their being reidentified as a GGOW; clearly my arithmetic was off, it was a bit longer than that)

Good birding,


Joshua S. Rose, Ph.D.
Amherst, MA

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