Date: 3/8/17 7:14 pm
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Hawk Watch surprise
Quite a wild couple of hours at the Hawk Watch today. Fierce winds made standing upright a challenge but also created plenty of dramatic moments. Gulls were flying backwards, ducks were being lifted off the water, water was spraying so high such that there were rainbows forming. One young eagle came in just a few feet off the ground, actually landed on the park road (resting?) then took off. No hoped for Golden Eagles or Red-shouldered Hawks while I was there, but amazingly a Purple Martin whipped by. Both Mike Tetlow and I had decent looks.

Pat Martin
>Braddock Bay Park--Hawk Watch, Monroe, New York, US
>Mar 8, 2017 12:50 PM - 2:20 PM
>Protocol: Stationary
>Comments: Mike Tetlow was there when I arrived and was still there when I left. Sunny. HIGH winds, 40ish mph with gusts reported to 81 mph at the airport. Gulls were flying backwards, ducks were being lifted off the water. Really impossible to accurately count waterfowl under the conditions, especially with the scope remaining safely in the car, the effort it took not to be blown over by the wind and the intent of these observers, which was to observe and count raptors. Bob, the official counter, also present.
>22 species (+1 other taxa)
>Canada Goose 150 estimate, in singles and small flocks, being blown around by the wind
>Mute Swan 2
>American Wigeon 1
>American Black Duck 2
>Northern Pintail 2
>Ring-necked Duck 50 estimate
>Greater/Lesser Scaup 50 estimate
>Common Goldeneye 1
>Common Merganser 4
>Turkey Vulture 3
>Northern Harrier 1
>Bald Eagle 5
>Red-tailed Hawk 2
>Ring-billed Gull 10 estimate
>Herring Gull 5 estimate
>Mourning Dove 1
>Merlin 1 low over the lawn, chasing a bird, unsuccessfully.
>Blue Jay 1
>American Crow 2
>Horned Lark 1
>Purple Martin 1 Early. All dark Swallow-shaped passerine. Tree Swallow ruled out since there was no white showing. Too small to be a Merlin. Pick out by Mike Tetlow straight out from the hawk watch, then followed until it flew just behind the trees to the left of the lodge.
>Red-winged Blackbird 3
>Common Grackle 1
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