Date: 3/8/17 3:36 pm
From: 'Ryan Fick' via Maryland & DC Birding <mdbirding...>
Subject: [MDBirding] White Eyed Vireo
Hi all,

Wanted to pass along that I almost assuredly had a White Eyed Vireo yesterday at Sycamore Landing Road in Mont. Co. It was singing in the correct shrubby habitat that you would expect this species to be in. I searched momentarily but never got a visual of the bird. But the garbled, slurred and blurry notes were pretty unmistakable and resembled what I would be hearing on the way home if I didn't get my girlfriend and her dog back to the apartment expeditiously for lunch, so I abandoned any further searching.

When I got home to look up the species early arrival in Mont. Co. I was surprised to see this would represent a record in e-bird that is roughly 3 weeks early. Anyway, my researching ability with e-bird is pretty poor, so that could be wrong and as a native Pennsylvanian I have a poorer understanding of arrivals and departures here than most; however, 2 years here has begun educating me nicely. If any of my Mont. Co. friends are in the area, keep your ears and eyes open. I've never known a mockingbird to mimic this complicated song.

Ryan Fick
Bethesda, MD

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