Date: 3/8/17 12:34 pm
From: Tony Leukering <00000005faa06247-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Empidonax near/at Deering Estate, Miami-Dade
Hi all:

I see that there is a bird reported to eBird from today as a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (YBFL), with two poorly-lit pictures and an audio file. To my ear, the bird does not sound like a typical Yellow-bellied. More definitely, the pictures show a bird quite at odds with an ID of YBFL (see attached pic, lightened from original in checklist). The depicted bird has the long, narrow-based, triangular bill with straight sides of Dusky, Gray, and Hammond's flycatchers and Western and Eastern wood-peweees, not the rounded spade-shaped bill of Least Fly, YBFL, or Cuban Pewee. Additionally, though the pictures make it difficult to be sure, the bird's eye ring does not look like the rounded, yellow thing typical of YBFL, but might be the broken eye ring of a wood-pewee. The primary projection looks quite long -- certainly long enough to rule out both Dusky and Gray flycatchers and possibly long enough to rule out Hammond's. To me, that leaves the two US-breeding wood-pewees as options, and the audio recording, to my ears, could quite conceivably be that of an Eastern Wood-Pewee, but I find it difficult to be sure.

Regardless, the report is certainly of interest and might reward follow-up.


Tony Leukering
Largo, FL

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