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just saw this on the DE list.

Howard was a great person to talk to.

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Most of you surely are familiar with Howard's photo essays from his birding expeditions in DE, PA and NJ. Sadly, Howard passed away. This email was posted on JerseyBirds. He'll be missed.

Tyler Bell
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
647 Contees Wharf Rd.
Edgewater, Maryland 21037

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I wrote the following for our local BucksCoBirders Yahoo! Group but wanted to share with the NJ listserv as well.

First, I have provided links to Howard's obituary, which is well worth reading if you want to know more about Howard. There are two links to see
the whole obituary. It includes the following info: A Celebration of Life is scheduled on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 1 P.M. at Bowman's Hill Wildflower
Preserve, 1635 River Road, New Hope PA, with a reception immediately following.

You can see the obituary online at

continued at

You can find pictures and comments on Facebook by searching for Howard B. Eskin.

Here is a link to his photos if you want to revisit some of his work last year. I would like to provide links to his earlier best photos but can't find a link:

As you all know, Howard was a ubiquitous contributor to this group and the tri-state birding Listservs. In early 2005, Howard reported a Sandhill Crane in Harleysville, PA, and he was referred to me. We spoke on the phone, and we hit it off immediately. I checked out the bird, which turned out to be a Great Blue Heron. I invited him to the bird walk at Peace Valley Nature Center. As he often said, his first appearance there was an auspicious day. It was the day that Jessica Huff and I found the Redwing. Unfortunately, he had left when we found it, but he became a regular on the walks. He allowed me to include his photos in my weekly posts, which started as a regular e-mail to fellow birders to support the Peace Valley Nature Center as a birding hotspot. As it grew, he helped me choose a better forum that became the BucksCoBirders Yahoo! Group of now over 450 members, and he has been my backup for managing the group. His example led to others sharing their incredible bird photography with the group.

Judy and I introduced him to many birding hotspots on many an outing locally and throughout the tri-state area. He was a dynamo intellectually and physically. Gradually we couldn't keep up! He learned bird identification at incredible speed and studied them in all respects. He presented programs of his photos, and donated them to many nature organizations, usually without any compensation. His photos were sometimes used for fund raisers. This was all when he was already in his 70s. His obituary lists some of his other interests and hobbies before bird photography that were equally examples of his expertise in all he did.

Howard became a close friend and confidant to me, and as many posted to his online memorial page and Facebook, was always available to advise, help, and contribute when needed. This advice covered everything when life's bumps along the road appeared. Although, I tried to do the same for him, I was no match for his limitless knowledge and wisdom.

I will remember not only his friendship, his intellect, his energy, his bad jokes, but also his extreme generosity, and caring nature. He was a man that was devoted to his family, cared about his employees when the current corporate culture did otherwise, and was a mentor to many. One standout in my memory was a time we were down in Cape May taking a walk at Higbee Beach Hidden Valley area. Grown conjoined brothers were walking with a caretaker or family member. We exchanged greetings and moved on, and Howard became emotional with tears in his eyes over the plight of these two young men. He cared.

When his fate was inevitable over the last year, he faced it bravely. He knew he had a very rewarding life, lasted far beyond his genetic heritage would have dictated thanks to modern medical advances, and only wished he could live longer to care for his wife and family. He joked that a bright spot would be not having to endure longer the current political climate of the US.

That was Howard and the above just scratches the surface of who he was and the good things I will remember.

August Mirabella
North Wales, PA

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