Date: 3/8/17 2:37 am
From: <Bigrocketman...>
Subject: [obol] Large Mourning Dove Flock

I've been seeing many more Mourning Doves around the Eugene Urban Area for the last couple of years and quite a few less Eurasian Collared Doves. This is the opposite of what I expected, given the invasive potential of the latter species. On Tuesday, there were 18 Mourning Doves in a flock at my feeder, many more than I've ever seen.

It was amusing to watch them constantly jousting and pecking at each other, trying to establish dominance. Fifteen years ago, there were many nesting in my neighborhood, but after a few years, that seemed to end. But this bunch has been cooing and moving around in the trees and I think they'll nest here again. Previously, when their young first fledged, they were brought to my feeder and they all filled-up with seed. I'm going to need to buy more off-season seed this year.

Steve McDonald

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