Date: 3/7/17 6:40 pm
From: G M ARCHAMBAULT <gm72125...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Death report
Neil, your post -- a public post! -- seems to me highly inappropriate as a personal attack.  It is embarrassing and very untoward, and there are many people, from out of state, who subscribe to this list, me included.  Thank you for reading this and hopefully reconsidering your action.  -Ken Archambault, Birmingham, Archambault

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 8:18 PM, Neil Dowling <neil.dowling001...> wrote:

Maybe at this point we will not share the nesting location of any  bird that needs its privacy location kept private!  
We all understand your a great birder!  Now just let them nest!  I understand you want everyone to know you found it! 
But to this cause?  
Great job! 

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On Mar 7, 2017, at 7:35 PM, M BH <mimibixh...> wrote:

Hello Massbirders:
Unfortunately, I have sad news. The raven pair 12 miles north of Boston died today. I swung by early this morning in hope of observing them before the rain. To my utter shock and bewilderment, within a couple of minutes of arriving, one of the two ravens fell out of the sky and plummeted down the rock face straight down to the rocky hill below its nest. I couldn't believe my eyes. After confirming for myself what I had witnessed, I waited for a friend, another local birder, to arrive and help me with transferring the bird to Grafton Wildlife Clinic. We were able to safely transport the bird to Grafton, but by the time we arrived its breathing was depressed. Grafton reported to me that despite their best efforts to keep it alive it died within 45 minutes of being dropped off. They also reported that they were puzzled because its blood work did not show rodenticide and nether blunt force trauma nor bullet wounds were observed externally. They promised to update me further following a necropsy. As for the dead raven's mate, it appears to be dead in its nest.
Such a sad and troubling end for this beautiful pair. It is especially troubling because this is the second consecutive year that a raven has died in its nest in this spot.
I am hoping that the necropsy will provide answers.
Sincerely,Mimi Bix-Hylan

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