Date: 3/7/17 4:00 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Both Goldeneyes on the North Santiam, 100 Varied Thrushes,no harlequins, first Osprey, more on Swans
I know how that sounds about swans. Like many other ids between closely
related birds, you will know a Trumpeter when you see it. If you have to
try very hard then it is not what you want it to be. Bill is right saying
they are not as restricted to that area between Suver and Maple Grove
(Polk) as they were from the early 1970s to recently. Still the only
Trumpeter I know at Ankeny NWR was one there for a long while in the early
spring a couple of years ago, and I think something was wrong with it.

I drove as far up the North Santiam Canyon as I could safely get today
looking at that river where I could.

Most noticeable in the dismal weather, and snow starting just past Gates
(Marion) were flocks of VARIED THRUSH ranging from 50 to 20 to 10, more
than 100 altogether. Not surprising, as they are one of the commonest and
most ubiquitous nesters in the Coast Range and the Cascades around here.
Looks like they are on the move right now. A flock of 50 at North Santiam
State Park was as many as I remember ever seeing at once. When I stopped
there 2 hours later on the way back down, they were nowhere to be seen

GOLDENEYES: North Santiam SP boat launch area had one COMMON. Fisherman's
Bend had one COMMON, and one maybe BARROWS female bill mostly yellow, but
diving often so feathers appressed, it could have been either. Big Cliff
Reservoir had 3 BARROWS, 2 COMMONS. I turned around soon past Detroit Dam,
the road getting questionable and me with no snow tires (We hardly ever
have snow in March).

I saw my first OSPREY of the year at FishBend, hunting conditions much
better there, the water clear green, not chocolate milk like the Willamette
is where I have not seen/heard one in my yard yet this year.

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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