Date: 3/6/17 8:31 am
From: Mary Lee Sayre <maryleesayre...>
Subject: [obol] Pine Siskin and others, Oakridge
Very strange winter. Just had a lone PINE SISKIN at my feeder. Only one since the large flock in December that showed up once. Then a flock of 15 stayed for a few days dwindling to 5 the day before our CBC.

Also haven’t had a single EVENING GROSBEAK when i usually have 12-30 steadily through the winter months.

Fewer accipiters this year though i have had a COOPERS HAWK visit sporadically. Two RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS were calling back and forth earlier this week. The first i’ve heard this winter. Usually have them all winter long.

I have had 3 LESSER GOLDFINCHES, 2 males and a female come to the nijger feeder all winter. A regular breeder here in the summer but i’ve not had them in the winter before. Oh yes and for the last 6 weeks i’ve had 2 crows eating sunflower seed and worms under my feeder. Also a first for me.

Had 4” of snow when i woke up this morning and it’s coming down hard. Spring is near I know…

Mary Lee Sayre
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