Date: 3/5/17 6:46 pm
From: Kate M. Chapman <kmc025...>
Hi All,

The great horned owl was still on the nest this evening at 6 PM.

Oh and just to clarify the location...if you go out looking for the nest,
don't be silly like me and misinterpret Joe's description and walk east of
the blind looking for the nest in the trees in that part of the trail.
Instead, stand in the blind and look through the right two sets of windows,
pointing your binos or scope east, as Joe mentioned. The nest is in a tall
tree in a clump of slightly shorter trees on the other side of the lake
from the blind.

Happy Owling!

Kate M. Chapman, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological Science
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University of Arkansas
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On Sat, Mar 4, 2017 at 2:14 PM, Joseph Neal <joeneal...> wrote:

> Great Horned Owl just east of Mulhollan Blind at Lake Fayetteville Park
> was still on the nest this morning. With temperatures rising, the bird had
> noticeably lifted breast feathers in direction of sun and south wind, in a
> manner much like sunning Greater Roadrunners. I’ll post photos to my facebook
> page.
> Overall, I picked up 32 species on an approximately 1.3 mile loop starting
> at parking on Crossover Road, including an extended stop at Mulhollan
> Blind. Waterfowl visible from the blind: Lesser Scaup (2) and Horned
> Grebe (1). While I was walking back, an adult Bald Eagle flushed Gadwall
> (8) and Green-winged Teal (3) from an arm of the lake not visible from the
> blind. A Winter Wren at the blind could be one we have picked up off and on
> since fall arrival. In a big elm, American Goldfinches and Dark-eyed Juncos
> foraging among flowers.

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