Date: 3/5/17 10:25 am
From: Chris Michelson <0000001af3511208-dmarc-request...>
Subject: EKW this morning
Greetings birders
I visited Edness Kimbal Wilkins State Park this morning under partly
cloudy skies with a temperature of 58 and wind of 40+ mph. Despite the
conditions there were a few birds about. Most uncommon on this date was a tree
swallow. I have no clue what it will find to eat since it is due to snow
again tonight. There was also a flock of 6 ring-billed gulls flying through.
Others present included an adult bald eagle, several robins and mallards
and Canada geese. One black-capped chickadee was singing which was the
only bird calling. Good birding to all.
Chris Michelson
Casper, WY
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