Date: 3/5/17 10:06 am
From: Roselie Overby <0000005a14a66d60-dmarc-request...>
Subject: AM Goldfinch numbers
Glenn, ARBIRD,  When I lived in the Houston area, the late John Tveten banded AMGOs which we were fortunate to have in large numbers back in the 1990s.  He would band 50 or more in his yard in one day and then band the same number the next day, etc. I think he rarely caught any banded ones from the previous day.  If your birds are like the ones in TX, they move around a lot. 
  Interestingly, there have been very few AMGOs down here in NE LA.  I have not seen nor heard one in over a week.  On my Feeder Watch counts, I think 3 may have been a high number.  The Purple Finch invasion made up for their absence, but those have departed now.
Roselie OverbyOak Grove, LA just south of AR
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