Date: 3/5/17 7:37 am
From: Jimmy Woodard <j.woodard...>
Subject: woodcocks and fish crows
Yesterday evening, OKC Audubon had their annual field trip
to look for Woodcocks at Lake Stanley Draper. Approximately 23 birders

up for the event.

I took about a dozen birders to the Point 6 field about a
mile north of the marina on the west side of the lake. Nadine stayed with
the rest of

the group at the equestrian field along Stanley Draper Drive
just east of Midwest Blvd.

Alas, with the wind, clouds and mist, this was an evening
the birds were uncooperative. My group at Pt 6 neither heard nor saw any

Nadine heard just a brief snippet of twittering display song
at her location.

My group had very few birds period. We saw no birds. We
heard Canada Goose, Killdeer, and Great Horned Owl. We also heard some
Chorus Frogs.

Nadine's group briefly heard the screech of a Barn Owl and
about the same birds we had.

All in all, it was an evening of negative data. Most of us
enjoyed a nice meal at Lupe's before heading out to the lake. hopefully
people enjoyed the

evening in spite of the lack of woodcocks.

After not seeing or hearing Fish Crows all winter, I have
seen and heard several of them the past few days at our Midwest City home.

the crows are moving around with the warm springlike

Jimmy Woodard

Midwest City, OK

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