Date: 3/4/17 6:43 pm
From: Brendyn Baptiste <000000c0e1e11ab7-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Pymatuning Area Birds
This morning, I led a Bartramian Audubon Society field trip to Pymatuning State Park in Crawford County, and we had a total of 54 species with 18 species of waterfowl. Among the waterfowl species, notables included a Blue-winged Teal at Millers Ponds, 30 Northern Shovelers at the Fish Hatchery, 9 Northern Pintails at the Nature Center plus 3 at Millers Ponds, and good numbers of Hooded Mergansers at a variety of locations.

A total of 13 Bald Eagles were seen today along with 2 light phase Rough-legged Hawks and one dark phase Rough-legged Hawk all at Millers Ponds. 9 Sandhill Cranes were seen today at Millers Ponds, Hartstown Project, and along PA 285 at Geneva. The highlight of the day was a Lesser Yellowlegs seen on the pond across from the game commission buildings at Millers Ponds. He was accompanied by 4 Killdeer and 3 Wilson's Snipes. The shorebirds all took flight at once, and the Yellowlegs could be heard making its characteristic "tew-tew" calls. While watching the shorebirds, a flock of 6 Horned Larks landed on the road right next to us as well.

Good Birding
Brendyn Baptiste
Slippery Rock, Butler County
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