Date: 3/4/17 6:18 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] BBC trip Cohasset to Marshfield
Not the best of days weather wise, but some of the best birding is during some of the worst weather.

I covered a BBC trip for a fellow board member who was under the weather. No one showed up, but I did the trip anyway. Birds are not stupid; water birds stayed in the lee of wind whenever possible. So the birds on Musquashicut Pond were on the west side facing east and the sun. Felt bad about flushing a woodcock which was sunning itself at the Ferry Hill Thicket.


Brant 26 North Scituate (NS)

Green-winged Teal 16 (NS)

NORTHERN SHOVELER 1 male (NS-Musquashicut)

Ring-necked Duck 1 female North Marshfield (NM)

Harlequin Duck 6 (NS)

Red-necked Grebe 8 (NS)

BALD EAGLE 2 ad - pair! (NM) A real highlight-these birds were on the same branch and the female called while I was observing. Those who know the area this was from Riverside Circle. I figured with the wind conditions eagles would be on the north side of the North River (facing south, out of wind), but was not expecting this. The right hand bird was 10-15 % larger, so female. I don't know if this is lighting but the female was blacker than the male. How likely are these birds staying in the general area? Should they be setting up nesting now?

American Woodcock 1 flushed from the north sector of Ferry Hill Thicket (YWCA)

Hairy Woodpecker 5 (3 NM, 2 Cohasset) After missing this bird in February

Brown Creeper 1 (NM)

49 species for the day


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA
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