Date: 3/4/17 3:44 pm
From: William Mueller <wpmueller1947...>
Subject: [wisb] clarifying the toxic-to-birds shrub information, Part 2
Although the most serious threat posed by the shrub "heavenly bamboo"
(otherwise known as "sacred bamboo" - Nandina domestica) does seem to be in
the southern US at this time, there are very good reasons to specifically
avoid it:
a) It is clearly toxic to birds.

b) Plant hardiness or "zone" maps are being revised because of climatic

c) If you can grow an ornamental shrub or flower in Georgia or Alabama or
Mississippi, someone will surely try to do so in the Upper Midwest also.

d) It is available for sale.

e) Not many years ago, we thought plants like Japanese stiltgrass were "far
away" - but they are here now.

For more reading:

And to help some of the people who are working the hardest in our region to
control invasives, and educate people about them, go to:

William Mueller
Director, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory
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Port Washington, WI

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