Date: 3/4/17 1:46 pm
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Honeoye Snipe and Sandy Bottom Park Update
Despite the 14 degree temperature, sunny afternoon skies and light wind
promised good viewing conditions at Sandy Bottom Park on Honeoye Lake, so I
went down to see if the Tufted Duck might still be around. No luck with
that - the flock of several hundred Redhead and scaup has either moved on
or is further south on the lake. I could see some 85 shapes in the water
south of the park at the edge of visibility in the shimmer, so the flock
may still be there. The Ring-necked Duck flock just offshore has increased
to at least 104, and there was a Killdeer in the partly frozen marsh.

West of Honeoye there's a pond on the south side of 20A. I saw a
medium-sized duck in it (turned out to be a Ring-neck) so I drove into the
church parking lot by the pond. As I got near the pond a Snipe flew out
across the parking lot right in front of me, zig-zagging away. Quite early.

Bill Howe
Hemlock, NY

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