Date: 3/4/17 9:50 am
From: Steve Seibel <sseibel999...>
Subject: [obol] tagged Red-tailed hawk "9P" near 99W far north Benton Co 2-28-2017
I first spotted this Red-tailed hawk with orange patagial tags reading
"9P" from 99W at mile 72 which is just north of the Benton County/
Polk County line. Most of the photos were taken about 1/8 mile east
along the driveway/conifer treeline that runs east from 99W near that

Poor bird! Those tags are seriously spoiling the airflow over the
wings and decreasing the bird's fitness.

I haven't yet submitted a report through the usual channels but will
later today.

Steve Seibel, Corvallis
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