Date: 3/4/17 9:36 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] snow level down to valley floor
With reference to the thread about tracking the gyrfalcon using eBird:

Subject: Re: ? about ebird inre the westside gyr

Do those of you who can talk about various bells and whistles of eBird,
reviewer approval, and rare bird alert apps... do you have a clue how this
discussion snows under senior citizens who have chased the bird, who have no
cell phone, or a flip phone, or an old Samsung, who have never downloaded an
app, who don't even know how to download an app?

From an old man with a $26 Consumer Cellular account and a $140 Samsung

Harrrumph! (from the bottom of a snowbank)

Lefty Backthere

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