Date: 3/4/17 7:17 am
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Re: lead ammo
DoD and other Federal agencies have taken steps to deal with lead at firing
ranges where the substrate gets contaminated and must be safely disposed.
This is a costly endeavor which requires excavation and all the associated
expenses of packing, tracking, transportation and burial. Some research into
different facilities to reduce the volume of substrate and thus the costs
associated with disposing of the lead particles from the bullets/shot.

So there are known hazards associated with lead ammo that must be managed in
facilities where biologicals won't encounter it. Why not manage the problem
in the environment where biologicals will encounter it? As I mentioned
before, bismuth ammo has similar training and knock-down capabilities as
lead ammo. So the costs may be more upfront than having to clean up the
mess afterwards, which always costs more both in terms of resources and
treasure. This treasure is not necessarily human life, but environmental

The dialogue from the industry reminds me of the fight against removing
tetraethyl lead from gasoline which was shown to be widely dispersed in the
environment and was shown to affect human children and their health. Same
story with the smoking lobby, and on, and on.

"When will they (we) ever learn..."

Jeff Short

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I call our senators and reps several times a week and most of the staffers
know me by now and are very nice. I didn't realize I could also call about
this "order" that was signed by Secretary of the Interior Zinke. But I will.

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