Date: 3/3/17 8:16 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Does anyone know how to deal with this?
I appreciate all the thoughts public and private. Always feels good to
not feel alone. And even hearing other thoughts can be great when
people do more than just mean well.

Joan, that's a good question and one I think we can all ask ourselves.
Looking at people on any side of any topic, I see so many people sit at
their computer screens complaining and not doing a whole lot
themselves. For me, to start with, I don't hunt or fish. Used to LOVE
fishing(childhood memories with my dad) but today birding gives me
greater thrills as well as relaxation.
I share on facebook stories about lead poisoning from time to time. I
share with lots of people my enthusiasm for nature in general and try
really hard to get other people to simply be interested in birds. I'm
really struggling with that one sometimes. Nature is SO amazing and I
wish more people could just look at it with awe. I ask people on
facebook if they ever want to go birding with me. Nobody has taken me
up on the offer so far.
And I discuss the topic with people any time it comes up.
And this brings me back to the starting question. Does anyone know how
to deal with this? I'd LOVE to hear more thoughts on what we could do
as a whole or even just as individuals. People are stubborn on all
sides. How do you breach that? If you find someone you know that hunts
and they have never considered or cared about what ammo they use... how
do you bring that up to them in a productive way? I think about my
neighbors where I live. They all have guns around here... I've found my
No Trespassing signs shot down... found shot up beer cans in the
woods. Have a neighbor that smokes and I one single time asked if
anyone had ever suggested they not smoke. I'm sure I could have been
more tactful than I was... but my dad died in his 60's from
complications, years after quitting but, from smoking so much. It pains
me to see people do that to themselves. Anyway, this person got VERY
defensive very fast. This is the way most of us work sometimes.
I try anywhere I can to draw people's attention to the importance of
nature. Oh how many people I've tried to correct in their "only good
snake is a dead snake" way of thinking. But, people get set in their
ways and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks I guess.
Outside of the ways I try to reach people on my own... I'd love to hear
more from others. It's easy to look at someone that wants to ignore the
truths we might know and just be mad and think they're dumb. Hey, even
brilliant people can have some wrong ideas in life and we need to
remember that... But how do we overcome another person's ignorance, and
our own sometimes?
I have a few friends and neighbors that hunt and this has me feeling a
little more determined to attempt to start up a conversation on the
matter. I can already feel the resistance I'll get from my neighbor...
but, other people I feel a bit more hopeful about.
Small scale, what can we do person to person? And large scale? One of
the problems is as someone privately hinted at. People telling others
what to do. Nobody likes that. Like my neighbor and their smoking.
"NOBODY can tell ME what to do." We all feel that in one way or
another. On a large scale when things become political, this is how we
end up looking at them. We start talking about "rights" and there's
always some amount of truth to these things. I believe, in our search
for a way to deal with these things, we need to find ways that aren't
simply one side vs another. Big picture, I have no idea what that looks
like. Simple answer is education, even if that means one person at a
time. It may catch on.
And I meet a lot of people that are passionate about the environment but
some of them, their passion is limited to sitting back and waiting for
the government to fix it. "Hey, this local park is a mess... do
something about it" rather than getting out there and doing something
ourselves. How many of us have been guilty of that?
This topic has given me lots to think about. Has me a little fired up
about others I try to talk to other people about sometimes as well...
like balloon releases. sigh.
We wont ever all see eye to eye on anything in life. I'm just trying to
do the best I can in understanding and dealing with that.
Always looking up... and down... and side to side...


On 3/3/2017 8:23 PM, Joan Reynolds wrote:
> Daniel,
> How are you going to stand up against lead poisoning?

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