Date: 3/3/17 4:51 pm
From: vincent N <vfn7...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Probable Multiple Ross's Geese: Robbinsville
For the last few weeks, scanning the enormous Snow Goose flocks in the vicinity of Old York Road, Herbert Road and Sharon Crossing Road has been an obsession for me. My first Ross's Goose was seen on 26 February on Old York and this evening (5:22) I had very close looks at another Ross's Goose on Gordon Road.

The two birds were different. The first bird was pure white with pink legs (adult) while today's bird was white with ale gray areas on the back and grayish legs (white juvenile). My experience with these geese in mixed flocks is that they often are on the perimeter of the mass of birds. Good luck to anyone who sees multiple birds at one time.

My next stop was the Mercer Corporate Park (also in Robbinsville) where the temperature suddenly dropped four degrees and my vehicle was in a white out of snow for about a quarter of an hour. When the sky cleared just before dusk I was amazed at the number of birds coming into the second pond to roost. Dusk can truely be a great, if limited, time to bird

Vincent Nichnadowicz: Princeton Junction

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