Date: 3/3/17 11:49 am
From: <Vanslagerf...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] A Report On Charleston Road Marsh

At about 8 AM on 3/3/17, I decided to visit Charleston Road Marsh since I
haven't been there is quite a while. I started at the eastern end
sump-pump (near Charleston Rd and Shorebird Way) and did a clockwise loop west to
Shoreline Blvd and back. It was fairly birdy with many sparrows and both
goldfinches, but quiet. An exception was a close Fox Sparrow who did a long
whisper-song, in contrast to the joyful outburst I usually hear at Glacier
Point. I think, time-wise, we are very close to the spring-sing.

I had not heard that the marsh was undergoing an extensive, and
not-yet-quite-finished, renovation. The trail has been completely redone into a
sandy path, with a relatively open area between it and the reeds. There are
now 2 new observation decks and 2 new metal bridges across the marsh.

Frank Vanslager
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