Date: 3/3/17 10:37 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Update - Pink-footed Goose site - NO PFGO this morning
     This morning I wandered west checking sites with Tom Smith. Arrived at the PFGO site about 8:45; as noted by Andy Guthrie (goose finder) and others, 0.8 miles west of Parma/Hamlin Town Line Rd. on N. Hamlin Rd - the first road inland from the Parkway at Townline. Approaching the site, there were Canada Geese (approx. 1000) in the two grassy fields east of the site and 100+ in the old, downed corn in the field right south where the PFGO had been on 3/1. Farther south past the tree line at the edge of that near cornfield and slightly west, a grassy field was blanketed with the 5000+ Snow Goose flock well up on the hill with the area lower and closer right back toward us to the tree line jammed with Canada Geese, with that band continuing west to out of sight behind the trees. More Canada Geese were arriving in small flocks all the time we were there and landing in various places.    Setting the scene again, straight out across the cornfield the tree line has a clump with two taller trees and a big hump of brush at their base and an old rusted container on its side at the west edge of that (we saw the PFGO on 3/1 often back and forth in front of that). To the west there is a gap in the tree line, then a series of shorter trees with less grass and brush at their bases. On west and north into the fields there are a couple of puddles (now mainly frozen) where many of the ducks, including EUWI had been. East of the tree clump straight out is a gap allowing some viewing of the distant birds beyond the trees.East of that and a bit closer in the cornfield is another smaller puddle which was as far east as we saw the PFGO walk on 3/1. Today only a few CAGO there.    While scoping the geese the cornfield and then what I could see of the geese beyond the tree line, there was a steady flow of small numbers of N. Pintail, Am. Wigeon, and Mallards dropping into puddles out of sight beyond but at the far edge of the tree line. After this, about 9:10 we moved to the south side of the road and east to where I could scan the first grassy field east (didn't need scope). Suddenly there was an uproar from the geese past the tree line and then all rose into the air, MANY we had not seen. The Canada Geese numbers were way in excess of 10,000 and likely more than double that. They filled the sky and most headed west and south. A few came our way and pushed number of birds in front of us to about 2000, and later we noted the cornfield group was up to about 1000. The Snow Geese all lifted off and moved 2 fields to the south, still slightly visible through the trees. In the birds in front, I then managed to find 1 Cackling Goose and 1 partially leucistic Canada Goose.    At about 9:25 the snow squalls moved in and visibility dropped to very low. It was a slow drive back.
    It would not at all surprise me if the Pink-footed Goose is still around. May be a tough find unless many are searching and they can contact one another. I would certainly start with the original site as noted above and might aim to be there early afternoon among other times.   
Good luck!Bob <Spahnrspahn...>

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