Date: 3/3/17 9:51 am
From: Karen Holliday <ladyhawke1...>
Subject: ASCA Upcoming Field Trips
Please find below information about the next three months of field trips sponsored by the Audubon Society of Central Arkansas (ASCA).  If you like birds, come join us!  You don't have to be an ASCA member.  We also have great monthly meetings with interesting and informative speakers.  The monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fletcher Library in Little Rock.  For more information about our Audubon Chapter, go to our website at 
Spring is coming, so get ready to start chasing those migrating shorebirds and warblers!Karen HollidayASCA Field Trip CoordinatorLittle Rock
 March 25, 2017Bald KnobNational Wildlife RefugeBald Knob, WhiteCo.Meetat 7:30 a.m. in North Little Rock on the east side of the Other Center parking lotbehind McDonald’s.  The Other Center islocated across from McCain Mall, on McCain Blvd.  Take Exit 1 West, off Hwy. 67/167.  We’ll arrive at the Bald Knob NWR around 8:45a.m. for those who want to meet us there. Look for the line of cars parked on Coal Chute Road.  The refuge is also a National AudubonImportant Bird Area (IBA).  Target birdswill be lingering ducks and early-arriving shorebirds, herons, egrets, andnight-herons.  Very little walking willbe involved.  If you have a scope, bringit.  Bring water, snacks or lunch.  There is no bathroom on-site.  There is a McDonald’s just off Hwy. 67/167 atthe Bald Knob Exit 55.  Go to for drivingdirections and more information about the refuge.  GPS Coordinates:  35.260233, -91.571903 April 29, 2017 Bell SloughSouth AGFC Wildlife Management AreaMayflower,Faulkner Co.Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the main entrance to theBell Slough Wildlife Management Area (WMA) off Hwy. 365.  Our target birds will be spring migrants.  Bell Slough is a mixof ecosystems consisting of 2,040 acres of woodlands and wetlands situatedbetween Little Rock and the Mayflower/Conway region.  Thereare 117 species of birds documented for the area, including the adjacentwaterfowl resting habitat. The Bell Slough Kenny Vernon Nature Trailconsists of three connecting trails, each ranging in length from about ahalf-mile to 2 1/4 miles.  The WMA alsohas a nice mix wildflowers that attract numerous butterflies.  Wear study walking shoes.  This will be a morning trip.   From Little Rock, go west on I-40.  Exit I-40 at Mayflower (Exit 135) and turneast (right) at the light onto Hwy. 89. Then turn south (right) just past the commuter parking lot onto theservice road.  Follow the service roadparalleling I-40, then veer right at the fork. Follow this road until you cross the Palarm Creek bridge.  Turn left into the WMA parking lot.  May 6, 2017Gillam Park andthe Little Rock Audubon Center (LRAC)Little Rock,Pulaski Co.Celebratethe migration of birds moving from their winter non-breeding grounds in LatinAmerica, Mexico, and the Caribbean to their summer nesting grounds in NorthAmerica.  It will be a great day to beoutside in nature!  Meet at 7:30 a.m. inGillam Park at the last parking lot past the swimming pool.  Gillam has great habitat for spring warblersand other migrants.  There will bemoderate walking on fairly level, but possibly muddy trails.  When finished at Gillam, we’ll drive to theAudubon Center and walk the wildlife observation trail.  Last, we’ll head to Industrial Harbor Roadand Terry Lock & Dam to look for Western Kingbirds and Painted Buntings.  This is a morning trip.  Bring water and snacks.  Wear sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots. Directions—GillamPark is in southeast Little Rock near the airport.  Address is 5300 Gillam Park Road, LittleRock.  Take I-30 West heading south fromLittle Rock.  Then exit onto I-440 goingtowards the airport.  Take Exit1-Springer Road.  At the bottom of theexit ramp, turn left onto Springer Road. Go approximately 1 mile to just past the LRAC.  Turn right onto Gillam Park Road.  Follow it into the park to the last parkinglot past the swimming pool. Alsoin May is the International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) on May 13.  Count the birds you see and enter yoursightings into eBird.  May 13 is also thethird annual eBird Global Big Day.  Tolearn more about the eBird Global Big Day go to   
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