Date: 3/3/17 7:36 am
From: Robert O'Connell <flashart123...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Pileateds in Cumberland
Not a shocker by any means to have Pileateds here, but happy to say the
neighborhood pair appears to be checking out my yard for nest sites. The
male has been visiting the suet daily for a few weeks with quick visits
before dashing off. The Female just started coming and stays for prolonged
visits. They retreat to the woods but have been checking out a couple of
hollows not that far in the tree line which surprised me. They have been
dancing around the tree as well as tapping at the edges of the cavities they
are looking at. These cavities have previously been home to the Red-Bellied
Woodpeckers in recent years. Not sure if the RBWO's agreed to "sell their
property" or not. The male Red-Bellied sat on a tree nearby for a bit
yesterday and gave the female Pileated an earful. I am thinking he is hoping
noisy neighbors will give the Pileateds the idea to move on. If it does stay
I may have to move my feeder cam over to cover that tree as well.

Another observation from this morning related to the Pileated. The male was
at the location where 3 crows, 3 jays, and a bunch of titmice, chickadees,
and others were mobbing something (which I could not locate from the angle I
was looking). It did not appear to be part of the mob from a noise
perspective but he was strutting with crest upright. I am assuming he just
happened to be there at that moment. But I had never considered it before,
do PIWO's mob?

Cheers and happy Spriwing (that time of the year in Maine when it can't
decide whether to be winter or spring..)

Rob O'Connell

490 Greely Road Extension

Cumberland, ME 04021



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