Date: 3/3/17 6:58 am
From: robert dodelson <rdodelson...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Assunpink Swan & Chukar
This AM at the eastern end of Lake Assunpink the Trumpeter Swan was present
all by itself. As I was driving along Imlaystown Rd. I spotted a hunkered
down Chukar alongside the road (it was cold)
The large Snow Goose flock has split in 2. One group was on Old York Road
and the other on Gordon Road.
If you will permit me to express an opinion on ebird I would like to
recommend that (if technologically feasible) they should enter each states
list into their system and if someone reports a bird that is not on the
state list (e.g. Chukar in New Jersey) it wont show up on that individuals
state list. My understanding of the way it is now if I reported Chukar to
ebird today they would add it to my NJ state list. If I was with another
birder and he or she didn't report it but did see it his or her states list
would be one less than mine. There is no way to accurately compare lists on
ebay now with your fellow birders because you don't know the composition of
the other birders list.
My proposal would alleviate this problem.
Bob Dodelson

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