Date: 3/3/17 6:14 am
From: Jack Saba <jlsaba001...>
Subject: Re: [MDBirding] Possible Tricolored Heron, Berlin, MD
I found one at Chincoteague on Feb 16. See ebird list for photo.

Jack Saba
Berwyn Heights

On 3/2/17 6:30 PM, Alexander Baish wrote:
> 2:26pm: Heading west on US 50 today, I had an ebird-incidental-level sighting of what I was sure was a Tricolored Heron in the drainage ditch just east of the US 113 intersection. This seemed early based on my recollection and checking ebird confirmed it would be about 2 weeks before the early confident arrival window for this species. Because of this, I tried to hustle back from my business in Salisbury to grab a pic before submitting a checklist but was unable to do so before dusk. Being that the sighting location is only a few hundred yards from the super-birdy new Berlin Falls Park and also that I probably won't be able to follow up on this tomorrow, I should tell anybody birding in the vicinity through the weekend to keep cameras ready and eyes open to capture an early sighting and some easy ebird documentation.
> Alexander Baish
> Presently of Ocean City
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