Date: 3/2/17 11:28 pm
From: Steve Thiessen <stevethiessen...>
Subject: [wisb] FOY nesting Red-tailed Hawk

Thursday, on the way to work ,I stopped to check a Red-tailed Hawk nest. There was a hawk that appears to on eggs. Made me wish I'd have checked earlier.
I also stopped at both Fish camp and Lake Farm boat landings.
The ducks were far out at Fish Camp. But it was interesting that there was hundreds of Mallards there, but very few at Lake Farm.
Newer stuff at Lake Farm was my first Dane County Red-breasted Mergansers of the year. First day to see Ruddy ducks there, also. Lesser Scaup was the most numerous duck ,at Lake Farm, with over 400. Good numbers of Ring-necks and Canvasbacks at both sites. Common Merganser numbers were high at Lake Farm and low at Fish Camp. I was wondering why there weren't many Shovelers, at Lake Farm, then I drove my 9 Springs and saw they were there.
With the cold night many of the field and small pond will be frozen again. So, Lake Farm should be good on Friday.
Steve Thiessen Stoughton Dane Co.
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