Date: 3/2/17 6:39 pm
From: Jay V Huner <jvh0660...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] LALIT: Red-headed Woodpecker declines
In 2005, Hurricanes Rita and Gustav passed adjacent to Rapides parish - one to the west and the other to the northwest. There was a lot of tree damage in my neighborhood on the east side of Cotile Lake NW of Alexandria. The next year we had no less than 3 nesting Red-headed Woodpeckers in my large lot, rural upscale neighborhood. Within 2 years, we were lucky to have a nesting pair anywhere near here and the situation remains to this day.

I recall several years ago someone, maybe Harvey Patten, was reporting very large numbers of Red-headed Woodpeckers in the Pearl River Swamp area. I think this was associated with hurricane passage in the area. That seems to have passed.

Water oaks are notorious for losing limbs and so forth as Dan Lane pointed out.

In any event, Red-headed Woodpeckers don't seem to fair well in continuous forest habitat.

Jay Huner

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I agree with Dan that loss of nesting trees seems to be a big factor in
Red-headed Woodpecker populations. When I lived near Houston and counted
during a CBC, I always got Red-headed Woodpeckers in a large park with a
large stand of dead pine trees. A strong storm knocked down the trees and I
no longer found the Red-headed wps for the count.
Roselie Overby
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