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Subject: Re: [SBB] Continuing Eurasian Wigeon and Borrowing Owls
Happy to see that all enjoyed my first ever Subject typo, had some clever responses.  Best guess as to why the Ponds are drying up at Los Gatos Greek Park is that silt from the creek would destroy the ability of the ponds to percolate. 
Take care,
Bob Reiling
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Subject: [SBB] Continuing Eurasian Wigeon and Borrowing Owls

At about 8:45 this morning (3/2) I had five BURROWING OWLS in what was Arzino Ranch, a bit northeast of the Jubilee Christian Center, later the adult male EURASIAN WIGEON  was still in Salt Pond A16 but some distance North of island number 15 (seen near the posts in the water on which Cormorants often perch). I also had at least one adult male NORTHERN PINTAILED in the pond and a solo AMERICAN PIPIT on the southern dike for the pond.  I then went to Los Gatos Creek Park (North of Lark Ave) where the best bird seen was a NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW.
I have to say that with massive amounts of water being released into Los Gatos Creek that I don't understand why all of the settling ponds downstream of Lark Ave (we like to call then Oka Ponds) are either already dry or are being allowed to go dry (even those ponds recently retrofitted).  There might be a reason but it just seems like bad management of our water resources to me (management needs to get out in the field once in a while).  In any case don't bother to go birding there for however long they decide to mess-up the ponds (and the creek)
Take care,
Bob Reiling.

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