Date: 3/2/17 3:09 pm
Subject: Mystery teal at Santee Coastal
Last Sunday I was at Santee Coastal. I saw a bird with field marks consistent with a Cinnamon Teal -- cinnamon body and head. I did not see a white mark on its face consistent with the reported hybrid; the head appeared to be all cinnamon. However, I was not all that close. And I do not have a picture. The bird was not in the Peachtree empoundment; I didn't see anything unusual there. It was in the second empoundment on the north side of the main trail.

I am hesitant to call it a Cinnamon Teal without a picture or other observations, especially since there has been a well-documented hybrid in the area. However, I encourage anyone looking for interesting teals at Santee Coastal to check out as many empoundments as possible. The birds were clearly moving around a bit.

Caroline Eastman
Columbia, SC

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