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Since prions related to CWD can persist in the environment for a long time,
can they be spread in the carrion-feeder droppings from feeding on infected

Jeff Short

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Should read "cervids" not corvids. I was worried about crows. J

Following my post about eagles consuming the carcass of a deer that possibly
died of CWD - and there are many unobserved cases of this scavenging
behavior based on the number of CWD deaths in NW Arkansas alone - Barry Haas
asked about disease transmission to eagles and vultures, etc. The most
recent understanding I had been given by an AGFC agent was that the disease
was only transmissible to other cervids. So this week I inquired about the
latest findings on CWD and scavengers, specifically raptors and other
avians, as well as other non-cervid animals. I received this info from the
manager of the Elk Center in Ponca. Whatever is shared in this upcoming
meeting should soon be available on the AGFC website.

Ninestone, Carroll County

The public meeting will be at 6pm on March 14th at the Carroll Electric
building in Jasper. I sent an email to Little Rock asking if a video will be
available on the website, or even live streamed, but haven't had a response
yet. Will let you know.

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