Date: 3/1/17 9:36 pm
From: robert adamo <radamo4691...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Gray day makes for vulture play !
Today was gray & overcast. I attended Mass* at noon (Ash Wednesday) and
when leaving afterward, was greeted by ~ 20 Turkey Vultures (all but 5 in
flight) gliding, turning, trying to stay in place, banking, wheeling -
along with some interacting quite closely with their brethren..breaking
off at the last minute before colliding ! This wind dance was a delight to
behold...a bunch of black marks moving in the sky, while I watched in
place, with a black mark on my forehead !

I returned at ~ 5:30 PM and found their number had risen to ~ 31, all in
the school & firehouse area. By ~ 6 PM, the full had flock relocated to
it's Night Roost, in the 3 large spruce trees on the w/s of Roanoke Ave, at
the intersection of Elton St., Riverhead.


*Church complex situated right behind firehouse.


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